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Don’t Forget About Yourself

We all have those days when everything seems to be going wrong. When we feel sad, stressed out, and angry. Today seemed to be one of those days for me. Not only did my baby throw my phone in her pool today, she also managed to ruin my new $70 shirt, and pretty much punch me in the face. Now this may seem like no big deal to some, but to me it felt like that episode of keeping up with the Kardashian when Kim is thrown into the water and loses her diamond earrings type of dramatic.

Now after calmly using my grumpy mommy voice and telling my toddler that throwing mommy’s phone in her pool was not something we did and not a very nice thing to do. I realized that she understood that she was in trouble for about half a second and quickly forgot and went back to playing. I decided right than and there that I was going to change my attitude and enjoy the sunshine with my baby.

After doing our whole night routine and putting her to bed, I decided that it was my turn to take care of myself. I still have needs as a mom so I decided to do something for myself. I decided to start my DIY project for this week, I will be sharing it soon with you guys. That’s just one way I like to relax and do something I enjoy and do it for me not anyone else.

Here are some ideas on how I like to pamper myself:

  1. Bubble baths – grab that big glass of wine and fill your tub with your favorite bath products. I’m a huge bath bomb fan and right now some of my favs are from the Rocky Mountain Soap Factory. They smell delicious.
  2. Grab that book you’ve been wanting to read – right now I’m reading Emily Giffin’s book – “Love the One you Are with” – seriously if you haven’t picked up one of her books before you are really missing out.
  3. Exercise – go to that yoga class you’ve been wanting to try or for a run or a swim – whatever exercise you like doing actually do it! great time to do that is when munchkin is asleep in her bed.
  4. Crafts or DIY’s – I find that doing little projects help me relax – now I know its not for everyone but I love to create and decorate .. its a way to express myself and its fun or at least I think it is.
  5. Movies or TV – My all time favorites are The Notebook,PS. I love You, and The Heat. But lets be honest we all have our guilty pleasure when it comes to TV – mine being the Bachelor in Paradise (yes I know, I’m one of those people)
  6. Girls Nights – go out grab a drink and talk about something other than poop (yes mom talk about it a lot)
  7. Head to the spa – love to get my nails done or get a facial – if you don’t have the money grab your friends and have a home spa day without breaking the bank.
  8. Shopping – girls best friend! I’ve you don’t want to spend a lot of money go to  thrift stores, garage sales and flash sales. I love a good bargain.
  9. Go out on a date – yes you can do this – make time for your special someone
  10. Sleep! – so many times after my baby has gone to bed I hop into my bed and call it a night. Sometimes we need those extra hours of sleep – housework, dishes, and laundry can wait.

Sometimes it takes pampering ourselves to get through a bad day. We all have them as moms and yes we are allowed to have our bad days. We’re still humans and we deserve to have a day or night to do the things we want to do for ourselves. Don’t feel guilty about doing something for yourself, in order to be a good mom we must figure out that line between our babies and our sanity. Always make time for yourself, its the best remedy for a hard day.



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