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When Privacy Goes Out the Window

Do you remember the last time you went to the bathroom by yourself ? What about the last time you took a shower without interruptions? When I think about it, it was approximately 17 months ago.

I don’t even remember what privacy even means but that’s okay. Motherhood comes with sacrifices and this is just one of them.

When I think about it, if my little one didn’t accompany me to the bathroom or want to take showers with me she really wouldn’t learn the basic things that one needs to survive in life. She now knows what to do with toilet paper, where it goes, she knows how to flush the toilet, and knows to wash her hands afterwards. She knows how to use the face cloth and wash her face.

It’s amazing how much kids learn from watching you. They pick up on things even when we don’t notice that they are. So even though I miss my privacy and taking long warm showers I’m proud that my baby has learnt so much.

We’re starting to toilet train soon, and I’m glad that she’s gotten used to the bathroom and knows what happens in there. She will stand beside me and watch me wash my hands, when I’m done she raises both her hands up in the air and says “UP MOMMA” ,letting me know its her turn.

Privacy as I learnt is really a privilege. We take so many things for granted and when it comes time to give those things up, it can be challenging. Being a mother has many challenges and many struggles but  the best things in life are worth the struggles.

Another insight into a young mom’s struggle… until next time!


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