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Trying to Overcome the Young Mom Stereotype …..

No matter if my pregnancy was planned or not, sitting on the bathroom floor with the pregnancy test in my hand I never expected to see those 2 little pink lines. I had just turned 19 in June, and now a month later my life would completely change.

I would no longer be a fun 19 year old going out with her friends, going to the beach and having a couple drinks while sitting their laughing at the silliest things. I no longer would be at the clubs on a Friday night, I would no longer make it past 10 pm on a Friday night. Life all of a sudden didn’t seem so care free and fun.

Now my baby is 17 months, and yes I survived the first year of sleep deprivation just fine. During the last year and half I’ve learnt that being a mother in general is the hardest thing one can do.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is that being a parent requires you to sacrifice a lot for your baby. Out the window goes the partying the night away or coming and going whenever you please. As soon as you become a mother you realize that the world no longer revolves around you, everything you do will be for your baby from now on.

In order for you to be there for your baby it requires you make a lot of selfless decisions. I don’t see those sacrifices as a chore or as a regret. Instead I see those efforts as me being the best mom I can be for my little girl. One day she’s going to grow up and without a doubt in her mind she’s going to know that her mommy was there for her whenever she needed her.

I chose to leave my party days behind and grow up and be an adult so my baby can have a better life and have a good role model in her life. Kids take everything in that they see even as babies. They’re like little sponges, they absorb everything .

As she grows up and begins to understand what mommy is doing and saying …. If I was still partying and bringing random people into my house, blasting music, and participating in the other wild activities I did before motherhood; my baby will be learning that’s what is┬áconsidered normal to my mommy.

My actions, attitude, and interactions are all observed by my baby every single day, right now she’s learning how social interactions take place. She’s learning how to talk, how to express herself in moment of happiness, anger, and frustrations. She learns all of this by watching me and the people around her.

I face the mom struggles every single day, I have to try to be on my toes, I cant just blurt out a swear word if I hurt my toe, or did something wrong because what are the first words kids will grasp as fast as you can say it, “SWEAR WORDs”.

Sacrifices have to be made in order to raise good kids. We devote ourselves to our kids but it doesn’t mean we need to stop having fun. Fun just has a different meaning then before and that’s okay too. We’re suppose to grow up and as we grow up the definition for fun will change.

Hopefully this will be an insight into a young mothers thoughts, not all young mother leave their kids for parties. Not all young moms are as terrible as the stereotype makes them out to be. No matter the age any mother can be a good mom just like any mom can be a bad mom too.




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