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Wine O’Clock Yet?

Has anyone ever told you how messy one child can be? Seriously how many crumbs can a child spill on the floor, do they have holes on the side of their mouths? I spend so much time cleaning my floors and it still looks like I never did anything. Momlife at its finest.

I think the phrase wine o’clock was definitely invented by a mom. By the time you reach 5pm you are so exhausted and in need of a break. Some days just that quiet moment with a glass of wine and a show other than paw patrol is what I live for.

Some days repeating yourself and disciplining a four year old that doesn’t want to listen and thinks she is the boss is the most exhausting and frustrating thing. If you don’t have patience and if you cannot stand messes maybe having kids is not the best thing. I can guarantee you that your child will test your patience in every way possible every second of the day.

I’ve come up with some tips for the mommies that are reaching the end of their rope because if we are all truthful we get there at least once a day with our kids. Here is 8 tips that we can all use from time to time.

1. Learn to forget
I know it’s hard not to keep score and track of how many times your child has done something you did not agree with but at the end of the day it’s just going to make you more frustrated. Learn to forgive and forget;  in the long run it will make you a better parent. You want to be someone your children can come too when they are in trouble. It will teach them that even though they’ve done something wrong that you do not hate them and it will alose teach them to trust you.

2. Communication
I’ve learned that when i’m reaching my limit for patiences — if I voice it out to my child – she has come to realize that when I give her a warning she better stop and behave before she gets in real trouble. Sometimes our kids don’t realize that just like they get frustrated so does mommies and daddies.

3. Do fun things
Sometimes I find that Lily will get really annoying and disobedient if we are stuck at home. Take the time to go to the park, walk, colour etc. You will find the more you do things with your kids the better behave they are.  Now i’m not saying plan every minute of their lives but have some things schedule to do and make them aware of how the day is going to go. Kids love to know and are very much into routines.

4. Don’t yell
Sometimes as parents we think raising our voices and fuming is going to get our children to listen – it’s not always the case. Kids catch on very quickly and if you are a yeller they are just going to ignore you.  I can yell until I blue im in the face with no reaction from your lily on stopping her behaviour. What I’ve’ found works better than getting upset – is literally going quiet. Lily knows that if momma is quiet and looking at her that she has done something wrong and will come and apologize. It’s easier on your vocal cords and it really gets your kids paying attention because silence is worse than yelling.

5. Praise your kids
Sometimes as a parent it’s very easy to sound like a broken record when it comes to discipling your kids. We need to remember that we need to praise our kids for picking up their toys, doing nice things, and just following the rules as much as we need to be on them for misbehaving. It’s a fine line to walk; we want them to know whats is right and wrong but also not feeling like they are failures.

6. Don’t have high expectations
You can’t expect for your kids to be perfect and to always listen. It’s not possible even as adults we all have our moments of misbehaviour. In our house one of the expectations is for lily to bring the dishes to the kitchen after she is done eating but i don’t expect her to put them in the dishwasher as that is above her age. Always adjust your expectations based on your kids ability to do things on their own.

7. Take a break
Parenting is exhausting even on the best of days. Take some time to pamper yourself, relax and just do something for yourself. I’ve come up with a routine that works for me – every 3 weeks I take half a day off work that way Lily is still in daycare and I can go get my nails done etc. I get to Do the things that I want to do. In the long run it will make you a better parent – a happy momma is better than a grumpy neglected momma.

8. It’s okay not to be perfect
I know there is this concept out there that we are suppose to do and be everything as moms. That concept is impossible. You cannot be on top of everything everyday and for the women that say they do – I call a bluff. It’s hard to work a fulltime job, look after your kids, clean and do laundry, cook etc. You cannot simply do everything you need to in one single day. If you try to achieve this concept of the perfect you will literally kill yourself achieving that. Momma’s take it easy on yourself – we have enough to worry about so stop beating yourself up if you don’t get to do laundry or get to put it away.

For all the moms out there – take full advantage of Wine o’clock. We need to relax and kick these ridiculous expectations we put on ourself to rest. Lets have a good week and not be so hard on ourselves – this is what my goal is for this week.
Until next time my friends!

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