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Hello Everyone!

Happy thanksgiving for all my Canadian friends. This Thanksgiving will be our first holiday in our new home. Making memories one step at a time.I try to be thankful for opportunities we have but sometimes we get so caught in the everyday things that we forget to give thanks for the things we are privileged to have.

One thing im trying to teach lily is to be thankful for the things we have. We took place in a toy drive at Lily’s daycare which helped her learn that other kids might not have the things that she has. Its good to learn how to be compassionate and to learn how to share at a young age. I think thats a good characteristic as parents that we need to instilled in our children.

Another thing we have been doing in our house lately is praying at night. We have incorporated in part of Lily’s bedtime routine. We pray and say thanks for all the things we are grateful for and we pray for our family, friends, and teachers. Sometimes we use prayer only for those times when we are in desperate needs but prayer shouldn’t just be for those times. We should say thanks everyday for all the things that we have, for health, for food, clean water etc.

Thanksgiving is usually when all of these feelings come up for people because they are reminded of what they have and what other people dont. This thanksgiving season im trying to teach lily that its not just a holiday where people gather and you eat together. Thanksgiving is about so much more. Its about family, giving, and being thankful.

I hope everyone enjoys spending time with their loved ones and takes some time to reflect on the things that you are privileged to have this thanksgiving season.

Until next time my friends.!


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