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Three going on Thirteen – Oh boy!

Hello Everyone,

Today I’m going to tell you my battle with my 3 year old who acts like she is 13. I remember everyone telling me how terrible the terrible twos where but I never experienced that with Lily. She didn’t behave any different than she did when she was one; other then speaking and doing more things. No one prepared me for the teenage attitude that comes with turning 3. Sometimes I have to question whether my little one skipped a few years.  I feel like she still needs me but then turn around and she’s miss independent not wanting anything to do with me.

When I say teenage attitude, I  mean it! Lets talk about the sassy attitude that comes out of someone so tiny. She has the hand on the hand hip and finger waving down to a snap. She has some real mood swings and lets not even talk about her challenging and arguing with you on basically every conversation you have with her. Everyone is telling me I should get it under controlled now while she is young because I will regret it later but you know how exhausting it is to constantly have to fight that battle with your 3 year old. It’s physically, mentally and emotionally draining the life out of me . It’s hard to always be the bad person but I also don’t want to raise a bratty kid. The struggle is real over here!

I’m really struggling to keep my temper under control when everything is a battle with Lily lately. They say pick and choose your fights but honestly whoever said that better had followed that rule. Sometimes I want to just let it go and brush it off but when your kid starts with the sassy attitude its hard to ignore. Again its a fine line to walk between picking your battles and your kid thinking they can do it again because they got away with it.

This is the struggles I’ve been facing with lily. Sometimes I’m loving this stage where we can have an actual conversation and she can express herself but then I find myself resenting her attitude and her sassy behaviour. I’m hoping that we are almost through with this stage because I’m emotionally and mentally tired.

Sneak peak into my daily struggles as a mom. I don’t really hear a lot of mom’s talking about things like this and maybe its because moms choose to share the best moments instead of what drives us insane. This past few months I find myself praying to God to give me patience, something we can all use but lately i’m needing a boat load of patience to get through the day.

Everyone keep me in their prayers, this momma is one exhausted momma this week.

Hope everyone has a great day! Until next time my friends.

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