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Struggles of being a young single mom


Hello Everyone,

Today I’m going to share some of the struggles that you deal with being a single parent. I do love being a single mom and I love my little one but sometimes it gets to be too much.  I know a lot of young people don’t get what its like to be a single parent.

People my age are just finishing university, starting out in a new career, and maybe still deciding what to do with their . Life as a young single mom teaches you that you have to grow up fast and be the best version of yourself as quick as possible. Sometimes I feel like I didn’t get that chance to have my self discovery moment, sometimes I feel like I’m missing out having so much responsibility and having to be accountable at such a young age.

Some of the struggles of being a single parent….

One big one that comes to mind is the fact that you have no one to share finances with. You are a one person income and means working like crazy to provide and live the life that your child deserves. Expenses like daycare fees, house fees, groceries ect. all come down to you and your income. Sometimes I find myself letting lily know that we can only do one big thing per weekend. I would love to take her to the zoo, swimming, and to the trampoline park but realistically we can only afford to do 1 big thing per weekend or sometimes per month depending on expenses for that month.  Being a single parent means keeping yourself on a consistent budget and lets be honest not all of us are the greatest with restrains.

Another big one that comes to my mind is the fact that you have no one to help you out with the day to day things. Being a young single parent means that you have no sick days, if you feel sick  you better suck it up ,put a smile on your face and continue to play with your child. Sometimes I do envy people that have that significant other in their life to help out in situations like that. Also would be nice not to have to do every chore on your own. It would be nice to have a shower in peace without having toys in your shower or your little one playing at your feet. Sometimes I would just love to sit down and read a book that I would like to read but that is a dream in my world. Being a single parent is 24 /7 job with no breaks it has many blessings but don’t get me wrong it has some downsides too.

Sometimes being a single parent meanings having trouble finding meaningful connections. Not every guys is ready to take on the responsibility of being a father figure right away, and not every guy is right for the job. Sometimes it can be a hard task to find a decent guy that doesn’t consider your child as baggage or a turn off. It’s always a struggle to try and find the fine line between your needs and the needs of your child. Still working on not feeling guilty if I leave my child to go on a date, spending time with friends or even to do something for myself.

I know the blessings and upsides out weigh some of the struggles but sometimes its nice just to express some of the struggles. It really makes you realize that even though it can be hard and you have hard days there is always cuddles and a kiss waiting for you.

I hope these struggles give you a little insight into my little crazy life.

** going to share something I thought was so funny**

the other day I was talking to my mom on while driving home from work. My mom was praising lily for helping me with watering our plants and how well they were doing. My mom said to lily you have a green thumb and are doing a good job at keeping up with the garden. Lily says to my mom ” I DO NOT HAVE A GREEN BUM” lily was so offended that my mom would tell her she had a green butt lol. I laughed so hard.

Just thought I would share that with you to put a smile on your face.

Until next time my friends.




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