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Hello Everyone,

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted but it’s been a crazy last couple of months. I’ve being trying to adjust to a new life and to our new home.  I thought I would try to keep posting not because I think anyone really cares but because it’s a good place to keep a public diary for myself. I know people tend to express the best parts of their lives on the internet and on social media but I’m going to keep it raw and real. Most of our life is not a glam show or some reality tv show .Most of our lives are boring, repetitive, and mundane. S0 lets dive in into another not so glam day.

Today is Tuesday:

I always look forward to Tuesdays and Fridays because it’s my two days a week that I get to sleep in. I look forward to these days because it breaks my week off and gives me a little joy to sleep-an extra hour. Yes an extra hour doesn’t seem like much , but trust me to me it’s like opening a little gift. Today unfournately I didn’t get to sleep in since one of my co-worker was sick.

Today my little one woke up at 5 am – I was not ready for such an early wake up call but instead lily got into bed with me and fell asleep for another hour. My alarm rang at 6:15 , I rolled over and kissed lily on the cheek before getting out of bed. I always like to get ready before waking lily up. Most days I can tell you that I do not care about how my hair looks, if its clean its good. I don’t tend to try and put make up on because I rather spend the time sleeping the extra 15 minutes. I put my clothes on , brush my hair, put some sun cream lotion on and I’m ready for the day.

After I’m ready I like to wake lily up. The first thing she does is usually go to the bathroom. She is now fully potty trained and has not had any accidents in weeks. For any mommy’s out there I can tell you potting training has been the hardest mommy task out there. Its frustrating and a slow process, but that’s a discussion for another time. After she is done with that task, we brush our teeth, brush her hair,  put some lotion on, and finally lily picks out what she wants to wear. Trust me sometimes the combination she picks out can be rather funny, so I try to give her 2 outfit choices that match so she still  express herself.

After all of this we usually eat breakfast or take it on the go. Lily usually doesn’t eat much since she eats breakfast at daycare so most of the time she will eat some cheerios or some fruit. I’m a big coffee drinker, so usually start my morning with a big cup of coffee and some water.

Once we are done, we head out to drop lily off at daycare and then off to work. Now I didn’t realize how thankful I am that lily’s daycare is 2 minutes away from my work because usually dropping lily off at daycare takes a little bit of time. She stops to show me all her crafts that she has done or all the pics that they have taken throughout the week.

Once I’m at work I start my usual routine of turning the lights on, starting up the computers, BP machine , height and weight machine etc. Fast forward to 4 pm. and i’m beyond ready to leave work and head to get my munchkin.

On my way to the daycare I usually take the time to call my mom, who now lives across the country from me. We usually talk about our day and catch up on family things. I pick up lily from daycare we start to head home and I resume the call with my mom. I try to include my mom in our lives as much as possible and usually the 20 mins it takes us to head home in traffic lily will talk our ears off.

Once we are home, I start by making lily go to the bathroom and washing her hands. Especially now that she’s in daycare and brings so many germs home. After lily loves to pick her snack out which is usually fruit and non-dairy yogurt. I start preparing and cooking supper. Today we had pre-marinated pork chops waiting in the fridge ready to be Barbequed . With our pork chops I thought I would do some baked potatoes and steamed broccoli. I’m a fan of a quick supper and tonight was no exception.

After supper I clean up the dishes, clean the kitchen , and as always I clean my floors. Once all the cleaning is done – I start lily’s bath and gather all her toys. She loves to take baths which gives me 30 minutes to catch up on laundry. Once lily is done her bath , we put on her pjs, brush her hair, and her teeth. Once lily is all clean I give lily 30 mins to 1 hour of playtime in her playroom before bed. Now it brings us to about 7:30 pm , we start heading up stairs and gather her blankets and teddy.

Lily’s favourite bedtime routine is reading books and her current obsession is Dr. Seuss The Eye book. Trust me I can tell you every single word cover to cover, that’s how many times I’ve read this book. After I tuck lily into bed with her bazillion blankets, we turn her night light on and we choose which colour it is going to be. Tonight she chose pink and a starry night.

After lily is in bed, I finally get a moment to myself. I start off by taking a shower, doing my skin care routine, and brushing my hair. After I like to pour myself a glass of wine, turn Netflix on and relax. New obsession is scandal , yes i’m on season 7, and i’m sad that I’m a few episodes away from the end. After I usually turn the tv off, and either play an e-book or listen to music until I fall asleep.

This is what a normal none glamorous Tuesday looks like for a single mom. Again most of life is routine based and mundane but it’s little moments throughout the day that makes life interesting. I can tell you my favourite part of the day is putting lily to bed. Not because I want my time but because I love the kisses she gives me, the hugs, and the cute way she says goodnight.

What makes your mundane days interesting, what makes you smile and continue to go from day to day?

Well I know this wasn’t excitement central but at least its a glimpse into a busy single mom’s life.

Hope you all have a great rest of the week!




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