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Adjusting to a new normal

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone week has been fabulous.

Our week has been a little rough. Lily has pneumonia and its been a hard go. I have a new understanding and sympathy towards mothers whose kids have asthma. It’s no fun trying to teach a 2 year old how to use an inhaler. The good news is that she is on the mend and soon enough she will be back to normal.

It’s been 2 weeks now since we have moved into our new home. The boxes are pretty much all unpacked, furniture has been built and set in the appropriate spaces. The only thing left to do is decorate; which seems to be a harder task than one might think. I just cant commit to any pictures yet. Still trying to figure what kind of theme I want. So you get the picture I just haven’t hung anything up yet.On the plus size I did buy a clock to go over my entry table , so that’s one purchase I’m happy about.

We are starting to get into a routine and adjust to only having two people at home. I rather like having my own place and space. Lily really likes her room and playroom which has made it an easier transition for us. I’m also loving being so close to everything I need within 5 minutes  there are 5 grocery stores, gas stations etc. It’s great not being able to have to go very far for anything.

Well this is our little update, nothing fancy or exciting. We will be starting our décor adventure so stay tune we will take some pictures.

Until next time my friends 🙂


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