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New Beginnings

Hello Everone,

I hope you have all enjoyed your Christmas holidays with your loved ones.  Christmas has always been my favorite time of year because you get to relax and enjoy some much needed family time. It’s a time when everyone gets together and really tries to get along and set differences aside for some good ol family time.

This year has been a long and hard year for me and my family. We have overcome a lot of struggles and crossroads. I’m very excited for the ending of this year and for our new beginnings to begin.

One thing that i’m very excited to share with you guys;well you probably already guessed it with the picture and title. We have bought a house!!! I’m finally a homeowner; I’m an awe and beyond excited. I will officially have the keys in my hands on January 5th! I cannot wait for this new adventure and to finally decorate my own space.

New house will mean a new beginning for us. I can remember when I got pregnant at a young age and hearing everyone saying that it would be hard to get ahead in life and that it would be a struggle. One thing I can say is that God has helped me through all the struggles and has blessed me with an incredible family and opportunities. I could not be any happier.

I will be starting 2018 in the right direction that is for sure. I cannot wait to see where these new adventures will take us and what our lives will look like in a years time.I hope you all have a Happy New Year and that you accomplish everything you set your minds too.

Stay tune for my tips on  moving and for some decor tips!

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!

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