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Why Is Change So Hard

Hi everyone,

This week has been a whirlwind of emotions, cross roads, and hard decisions. Not to be over the top and all; but it seems like my life can be rather dramatic. It seems everything happens all at once but then again that seems to be everyone’s life. So I guess I shouldn’t be complaining about that since we are all on the same boat.

One big life update that happened this week is that we have officially signed up Lily for daycare. It was a happy and sad decision but in the long run it will be good for her. I’m sad that I have to put her in daycare since I never thought I would need to do that until she was a little bit older. I do think Its best for her to beĀ  around other kids and have more of a social life. She will have more of an opportunity to learn and grow with guidance from an awesome daycare team.

It will also be a life change for me and for her.It means that my little baby is not a baby anymore. She tells me everyday that she is a big girl now so I guess this mamma needs to start listening to my big girl.

I will do a whole post on the questions and things I was looking for when looking for a good daycare. Also why I chose to pick a daycare verses a day-home. I will list prices and applying for daycare subsidy being a single mom and other must knows. That is coming soon so stay tune for that.

This week has been a crazy one with all the new changes ;I will fill you in soon on everything that is going on. I cannot wait for what the future holds no matter how hard the decisions are that I will have to make. One thing that I’m sure of is that Lily and I are going to be alright.

Hope you have a fabulous week and stay tune for more.



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