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Mommy Struggles of the Week

To be honest I’m struggling big time on how to get my little munchkin to listen to me. Now that she repeats everything I say it’s a lot harder to get her to listen and do what I’m saying……. I’m trying everything and she’s still a little sassy diva.

When ever she does something she’s not suppose to, she looks at me and smiles and proceeds to do it. I tell her no Lily don’t do that because…… and I proceed to explain why. Then my little one holds up her finger and says “stop” and proceeds to laugh at me.

This kid is so smart that she now uses my own parenting against me. Not only does she wave her little finger and tells me to “stop” she also says “no mommy”. Some days I go through this about a hundred times before bedtime and sometimes I just have to go to the other room and laugh my head off. Why, because it’s ridiculous that my own kid tries to discipline me and she’s only 18 months old.

I’m trying my hardest to come up with different ways to get her to take me serious but none of them really work. I’ve tried the sit in your chair for a minute but lets be honest you can’t get an active 18 month old to sit still. I’ve tried getting down to her level and in a calm manner telling her to be nice but she ends up repeating my gestures and words. I’ve tried taking her favorite toy for a few minutes away but she doesn’t seem to care.

At this point I’m struggling hardcore to get my 18 month old to take me serious. I know this sounds ridiculous but my kid is just like me… stubborn with a sassy attitude. Yes, I do regret being a smart ass child because now my kid is doing exactly what I did.

Sometimes I get to the point where I just want to laugh so hard when she lifts her little finger and pretends to be me… Sometimes I need to give myself a time out. I know that sounds weird but I find when my little munchkin starts throwing things or being rough with the dog and wouldn’t listen I simply walk out of the room and sit and have a moment to myself. Not only has this worked in helping her realize that I’m not happy with her actions that she will stop misbehaving and come find me. She starts being all cuddly and cute because she knows that I wasn’t pleased with her.

I can’t really be mad at her because right now she’s learning how to act by watching my every move. So as a parent I try not to loose my cool and to remain calm. I know that she doesn’t really mean to be disobedient and she knows that if she does something wrong I’m going to lift my finger and say no or stop. So she copies what I do because I’m her role model. She learns through me.

So for mom’s who have sassy little diva’s the best thing I can tell you is to try different ways to get your child to listen to you. Screaming and yelling at them doesn’t do anything it only teaches your kid to react like that in stressful situations. Sometimes we have to realize that their still learning and don’t really understand what we’re saying. They know they did something wrong but they might not know why its wrong. So we have to figure out a way to teach our kids what’s right or wrong without loosing our cool.

Every child is different and every parent chooses different parenting styles but no matter what the parenting style is it’s always going to be flawed because humans are not perfect. As parents we have our good days and our bad days and it’s okay to admit that we struggle with parenting our kids. It’s something we’ll deal with until they’re adults.

My sassy little 18 month old keeps me on my toes and it just shows me that she is taking everything I do in. Yes, it can be frustrating when my baby repeats and mimics everything I do but that’s just the way she learns is by doing and observing. This is my mommy struggle of the week, we all have them and it’s okay to share them. We’re not perfect but to our kids we’re their super heroes and that’s all that really matters.




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